Like all the best ideas, #TheMonaLisaEffect® is both a revolutionary and a simple concept. Every single student has a fundamental right to an education which understands and meets all their needs and strengths, keeping their #WellbeingFirst at all times. And, to achieve this, we need to know each student, inside out.

However, the many and conflicting demands we place on young people today make it harder than ever before for them to #thrive and #belong in school. Therefore, our job is to identify and unearth the treasure that lies hidden within each and every child.

Just like Lisa Gherardini looks directly at every single visitor to the Salle des États, our job is to ensure that every single student can be seen, be heard, be known and belong.

  • To be seen for who they actually are, a complex, enigmatic tangle of intersecting identities and characteristics.
  • To be heard with what they actually want to say, about the things that really matter to them.
  • To be known for their authentic self, despite the manifold masks they wear, thickly and well, every day.

Thousands of educators across the globe have discovered #TheMonaLisaEffect®, and are using it to make children’s lives better. If you would like to join them, please get in touch.