Matthew’s work explores the intersection between wellbeing and DEIJ, through the prism of triangulated, "warm" and "street" data.

Matthew prioritises his relationship with his client schools, many of whom choose to work with him, face-to-face and remotely, over a number of years. He provides a bespoke training and support solution, informed by and catering for each school’s unique context and community. He is equally comfortable working with governors and parents, leaders and teachers, and children and young people.

His work with schools often explores:

  • The WHY of data and assessment
  • Data and assessment triangles and triangulation
  • An epistemological approach to wellbeing data
  • Exploration of the wellbeing ecosystem
  • An interrogation of wellbeing (in)equity
  • Data-driven design for equity
  • Data dashboards and visualisation
  • Cultivating the Student Voice

Drawing on the intersectional soup of his own family, Matthew also leads DEIJ retreats for students and staff together, challenging them to interrogate current strategy, policy and practice and to listen to the margins, in the pursuit of equity transformation.

Matthew is also an experienced, leadership coach, accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).