Matthew’s work explores the intersection between wellbeing and DEIJB, through the prism of kind and "warm", "street" and slow data.

Matthew sees every new collaboration as the beginning of a relationship, and he endeavours to tailor his work to the specific needs of each and every client, informed by and catering for the school’s unique context and community. Indeed, many of his clients choose to work with him, face-to-face and remotely, over a number of years.

He is equally comfortable working with leaders and educators, governors and parents, and children and young people. Together they till the soil of the school's culture and climate, embracing complexity and nurturing nuance, such that positive impact subsequently emerges. In this way, his work with schools often explores:

  • The 'why' of data and assessment, as a moral choice, a revolutionary act and an instrument of kindness
  • Data and assessment triangles and triangulation, galaxies and constellations, dashboards and visualisation
  • An epistemological and holistic approach to wellbeing, and an exploration of the wellbeing ecosystem
  • A community-wide interrogation of wellbeing inequity, and what he calls 'universal design for wellbeing'

Matthew is also a prolific and highly regarded keynote speaker, as well as being an experienced, leadership coach, accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

In addition, and drawing on the intersectional soup of his own family - in particular his own lived experience of physical disability, and the gender journeys of his two, adult, trans children - Matthew is frequently asked to work in this space, both as a speaker and as a consultant and trainer.