Primary Pupils

What did the Primary pupils have to say…

…about Marking and Assessment?

“I know I am doing well because it is not really difficult and it is not really easy.”

“I think it would be good to actually be the actual child there [at Parent Teacher consultations] because the teachers are not the actual child… We all have different brains and that brain of the child has a different way of doing it, and if the teacher says it, it isn’t going to be as accurate.”

…about Learning?

“I think all [lessons] should have some fun, because if you want to learn, you want to have fun…to make it a fun memory to keep… You don’t want to be doing loads of exams every day…”

…and about Democratic Education?

“It is going to be really fun but I don’t think they learn because they are not going to get good marks so I choose our school.”

“That school would be like a holiday… You won’t learn and you won’t have a job and you won’t go to university… you will only play video games and plant trees.”

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