What is The Mona Lisa Effect™?

Da Vinci - Mona Lisa Eyes

What is the Mona Lisa Effect™?

Remember when you visited Lisa Gherardini in her room in the Denon Wing of the Louvre? Or simply imagine you are there, quite easy considering the ubiquity of her eyes and smile…

Wherever you are in that room, she is looking at you. I have tested her; I can guarantee it. Whoever you are, whatever your politics or religion, your mother tongue or sexual orientation, your learning style preferences or special interests, your aptitudes or attitudes… she is looking right at you.

It seems to me that this is nothing more than what we should be aiming to achieve in every classroom around the world. Every single student should experience a learning journey which feels like it is looking right at them, like it has been designed specifically for them.

This is truly Personalised Learning. And this can only be achieved if we truly know each and every student.


What lies beneath?

However, it is not easy actually to know what lies beneath the mask of today’s young learners.

400 million years ago, Uluru, the Northern Territory’s vast and sacred monolith, flipped 90º, giving us its current, horizontal presentation, and hiding the immeasurable depths beneath. And yet, when we know this, the rest of the rock’s surreal structure starts to make sense.

So with the young learners of today: if we dig deep into their learning fabric, and understand what lies beneath, we can begin to understand their needs, and how we can meet them.

And that is where the data comes in. If we can harness a student’s full dataset – not just their attainment, but their aptitudes and attitudes as well – we can help them unravel their identity as a learner. In turn, they can start to take ownership of their own learning, and the paradigm shift can begin.


The road to a radically different model of schooling

If would like to know more about how the Mona Lisa Effect can transform your classroom, explore this website, and come join me on this road.

Together, we can flip schools and learning, like the sand fan flipped Uluru, and give it back to the young learner herself.

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